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“She seeks wool and flax & works with willing hands.” Proverbs 31:13

     Hi!! My name is Kimberly. I am the owner of Kimmie’s Crochet! I specialize in crocheted baby and children accessories. I am also a mom to a sweet three year old daughter named Harper Annslee. We live in the beautiful state of Alabama in the Southeastern region of the United States. Harper & I love all of the outdoor adventures we get to experience here in the South. We also enjoy the appreciation that this region has for handmade items as well the traditions that incorporate craftiness into everyday life!
      My mom crochets and cross stitches, my grandmother and great grandmother taught me to quilt and sew as a child. My cousin taught me to crochet when I was around 8 years old so it’s a craft that has been near and dear to my heart for 20+ years. As a child, designing clothing and dolls was one my favorite hobbies. I kept a sketchbook of designs with me wherever I went. I think it’s truly amazing that I am now able to fulfill my childhood dreams of design through Kimmie’s Crochet! 
      In February 2014, I made the decision to quit my corporate job to stay at home with my beautiful, new daughter. I needed a hobby so on April 1, 2014 I created Kimmie’s Crochet. It has been an absolute pleasure watching my customer’s children grow up over the last three years. I couldn’t ask for a more fulfilling experience than I’ve had with this business.
       I am excited that I now have the opportunity to share the patterns I’ve designed! I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Kimmie’s Crochet, and I appreciate you all joining me on this journey!

        Please find me @kimmiescrochet on Instagram & Kimmie’s Crochet, LLC on Facebook. You may also reach me via email at or with questions or comments.

      Thanks for the love and support & for taking time to get to know my family!

God Bless!!


Kimberly & Harper

A bit about the past…

A crochet blanket made by great grandmother. She was in her nineties and completely blind when she made it for my mom.

An old photo of me, my sister and my other great grandmother (Dad’s side of the family) quilting.

The sewing machine I received from my Grandmother a few years ago. It sits on the desk I used throughout childhood and college.

I was a ballerina from the age of two to twenty. This is a photo from my first dance recital lol!A photo of one of my senior portraits.. Got to love the high school days.

& then came college! I graduated from the University of Alabama in 2010. A few years working full time & this little pretty made her entrance.

One of her first photos. I made her hat, and mom made the blanket. Harper was born in October of 2013, healthy and happy. After rolling over the day after she was born, I knew she would always be on the go..

Our current endeavors.. 

After living in Huntsville, Alabama for 5 years, we moved to Auburn, Alabama for two years. We just recently moved back to Huntsville so we’re super excited for a new adventure in a familiar place!!

We love to take road trips!..

The Gulf Coast is one of my favorite destinations.

And, the Appalachian Mountains are near and dear to our hearts because Matt is from Western North Carolina so we visit often!

 We also enjoy visiting the Shoals area in North Alabama where I grew up! I went to High School in Tuscumbia, Alabama, the birthplace of Helen Keller.

When we’re not exploring, we love visiting craft stores! 

One can never have too much yarn!

Thanks for taking a peek into our lives! We hope you enjoyed and will continue to share our adventures with us.

The end..

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